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    I managed to overwrite some parts of the source code to change things which Mumblr doesn't offer as an option in its widget box, for example the size of the lightbox, the transparency value in the background of the lightbox, and the indentation of the Header-text. Unfortunately these options couldn't be changed in the widget box.

    What would be really important is the option for example

    1.) to display the content of the lightbox on a new site instead of the lightbox, so you could choose if You want the content in the lightbox or on a full site.

    I don't know if there is a trick to do this in the Edit HTML section. Please, tell me if there is.

    2.) The other important thing is: How can I display comments in the lightbox from Disqus. Or how can I configure Disqus so that it shows the comments below the post?

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. DjHerold

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    Ritchieb, I'm sorry you are having some frustration with the Forum, but I'll try to help.
    First, your methodology on looking for the answer is good.
    Start here, and see if a similar question has been asked (and hopefully answered) in the Forum.
    One thing though that I need to point out, is this is a Community Forum, not the Support Portal. Although myself or others from the Muse Themes team will chime in, the intent of this Forum is, to allow Community interaction, and information from Users (and there are some pretty creative and inventive users).
    I understand that there are questions that don't get answered. Sometimes it's because the questions aren't always clear, or have a specific area of issues to look at. Sometimes, this particular one you refer to as an example, primarily speaks to changing the Code of a widget, or injecting another program into the mix. In this case, these types of questions are better left to those who have played with the coding, or a specific issue. Most of the users are here because they don't want to code, so questions like this tend to go unanswered.
    No excuse, but I missed this one, not that I could have given the post an answer, but if I see a post pop back up that hasn't been answered I will try to at least suggest they place a support ticket (support > contact us).
    Having said that, it brings me to support. You stated " because i don't want to simply ask a question which probably has been asked several times before". My suggestion would be, if you are not finding an answer in the Community Form, please place a support ticket.
    We do have a full time support staff that, and given the amount of tickets I see come in on a daily basis, answer in a pretty timely manner.
    So, if a question has been asked before, please don't let that stop you from asking what you need to get help.
    From everything I've seen since starting with Muse Themes, we don't use the excuse "we are only a small business" when trying to help our user base.
    Again, sorry for your frustration, and I hope this sheds some light on the support side of things.
  3. Ritchieb

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    Hi DJ,

    First of all thanks for answering and i was a bit surprised that i got an answer to the post on which you have answered cause i deleted it for i thought i came on too strong. That's why a posted my question again and i have seen that you've answered that as well. So thanks for that too. And to answer your message: of course i understand this is a community forum but lots of time the answers come from you or a colleague so therefore it feels more like a support portal. But i'll keep in mind that it's not that. ;-)
    And you directing me to your helpdesk for issues which have more to do with specific changes in coding etc. i understand. And actually my point of frustration (which i brought too harsh in my deleted message) was more addressed to them. They did sometimes used "being a small business" as an excuse not being able to address to certain issues. And even Steve Harris says here on the forum in one of his answers "we are a small team' and uses that as an excuse in an answer to a forum members question why Agent takes so long. And of course it will be a valid excuse but I think a lot of people depend on your business. And i think my frustration is more that wth some widgets to me it seems like it not fully thought through. I think that as a developer of the Mumblr widget, you can bet your bottom dollar that commenting would be a next logical step which your clients want to have implemented. So why not be a step ahead of such requests?

    And i know that every person looks differently to things so what is a logical next step for will not be a next step to another. But I have used a couple of your widgets on sites from me which are great in basic. But they (almost) all lack something on which i think: why did't they think of that? But enough of my frustration cause I do believe that you guys work very hard and trying to please all of us. But I just wanted to explain my message.

  4. DjHerold

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    Richard, thank you for your post. I truly didn't think it too harsh, I understand some of the frustrations out there.
    I hope we can continue to provide what our users are looking for, whether that's new tools or additional support.
    Thanks again,

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