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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by caroshka, May 9, 2018.

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    (sorry dj, couldn’t reply in my former thread as it is closed and as the topic is not the same it might be even more helpful in a thread a part)


    Site for construction company. Some pics are suitable for multiple collections/buttons. I was optimistic at first and put commas in my collection field on the loader but that did not seem to work out like I was hoping for ;)

    If I understood you well DJ, I need to upload an image to a loader as often as it appears in different collections.

    Sounds good in theory... but in practical terms this means that the gallery is not looking good because the thumbnails of the image shows up multiple times in the “show all” option.
    So either I refrain from trying to use multiple collections for one pic, or I do not install the “show all” option... or I put in more time and upload different thumbnails... phew

    Did I understand you wrong in your last post on my previous thread? Or is this it ?

    Thanks in advance!
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    caroshka, sorry about closing the other thread, I try to keep the post to a minimum, so others can find an issue without getting too many in a thread.
    You are correct, as I stated in the other post, if you will need to place your image in a loader adding the new category to the new instance of the image. You cannot add a comma or a space adding multiple category names to a single instance of the image.
    This is why I mentioned the downside is ending up with multiple images of the same in the All category.
    And, unfortunately, at this time you cannot do away with the All category in the sense that the widget is coded to open showing All the images until a new button is chosen.

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