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    Hey, so I need to update my client's website. I created it years ago. She wanted to add more images to the gallery. Easy, I thought, should take me 30 minutes max. So, I uploaded, named each image and added appropriate text. Copied the Mosaic galley from the desktop layout, and pasted it into the mobile version. Re-scaled everything down to fit the mobile layout. Went ahead and published. So I double checked everything was as smooth as I hoped. Ummm, no. The gallery decided to jump half way across the mobile layout. And I can't change it. I have now spent what seems like 24 hours on this, trying to solve the issue. So, my questions.... as this is probably an old version of Mosaic, do I have to add a whole new Mosaic widget, the updated version (1.0) and re-upload all the images? To then re-type all the meta data for each image? Or does Muse do this automatically once I press on the widget (version 1.0) in the library? It says that Muse has updated it to the latest version. Or, am I going to have to bite the bullet and re-upload hours worth of image joy? with the joyful tags? And then do it again for the joyful mobile version? I am not full of joy right now. Please, please help. Thanking you kindly.
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    Mooks, unfortunately, Muse itself does not allow for auto update of widgets. It's something people have been asking for and is on their to do list, but I'm not confident it will be anytime soon.
    If you add another version of a widget today, you must manually update and/or add what you need.
    This gallery has only had two major updates, and the last (1.0) was pretty much just to take advantage of Adobes move to responsive, which gave Muse some panel and widget design upgrades.
    Although the widget was not designed as responsive, you should be able to add a new instance (or if your Muse version allows, you should be able to copy and paste.), and hide others in different Breakpoints.
    If you are having an issue resizing in a small BP, if you haven't, try resizing just one thumbnail. If I remember correctly, the others will size along with it.
    Now, having said all that, I recommend you taking a look at our Gallery connect widget. One of the galleries is a Mosaic style.
    And when using spread sheets to place images and adjust settings, even if the widget gets updated, the sheets can be added to the new version with no hassles. We started going there for many reasons, but one is because of the lack of Auto updating that Muse allows.
    Hope this helps

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