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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Kurtatwork, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Kurtatwork

    Kurtatwork New Member

    The first menu I did for phones was in mid 2016 using the current Muse CC version at the time. It was done based on the Adobe tutorial for responsive sites and their accordion widget. Everything seemed to work fine. (both on iphone and Android)

    I just used the MuseThemes Classic Accordion menu for mobile devices and noticed that on a touch screen it was acting "weird". I went back to the other site I did that was never twitchy and now its acting weird too.

    The weirdness is this -- when I first designed the menu system, just a quick touch would display the menu or hide it. Perfect. Now using that same light touch, it just scrolls down then immediately back up again. Down, up, all from one quick touch. Not how it used to behave.

    To get the menu to act properly on a touch screen I have to touch the screen for a lot longer now -- like actually holding it down. I see this behavior using both websites, the one with the adobe stock widgets and the one using the MuseTheme "Classic Accordion" (straight adobe widgets and techniques) (MuseTheme "Classic Accordian")

    Anyone see anything like this?

    I wouldnt call it broken, just acting really differently. If there's a way to control the timing of how long the screen needs to be touched that would be cool, but that seems more like a phone based code and behavior issue.
  2. Kurtatwork

    Kurtatwork New Member

    ps ... on my daughters old iPhone everything works as expected. An my android devices -- I have to press the screen for what seems like a long time to both open and close the mobile menu system. It did not use to work that way, so obviously something appears to have changed on 'driods. Anyone else notice this?
  3. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    Maybe this is an Adobe Muse issue?
    Adobe Muse Team has published this info:

    For resolving the issue, please follow below steps and let us know if it works?
    • Download the mulib file from this location: (
    • Open the file in Muse by double clicking on it. This should add it as a library item.
    • Drag this library file on master page or a child page, depending on where accordion issue is present (Note: While dragging the file please check that it should not overlap with any other page content frame)
    • Re-export/publish the site again and check if accordion menu works fine now!
  4. DjHerold

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    Kurt, there is a known issue with the Muse accordion widget (which allot of mobile menus were built on).
    It looks to be a Chrome on Andriod problem.
    The solution from Adobe is as jeremei stated.
    Last I heard Adobe will make corrections in an upcoming bug fix update. When is the real question.

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