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    I cannot figure out how to change the color of the social media icons in the expand page. Please help.
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    Dorian, thanks for posting.
    The Mnhtn template is a very advanced template in the sense it uses a combination of Muse tricks and coded CSS.
    This isn't typical of our templates, but this was included into our templates as one of our 'Artist' series templates that allows talented artists to showcase their special designs.
    Having said that, if you haven't already, I highly recommend watching the video on the product page explaining some of the enhancements this template has.
    To answer question 1, these images are inside a slideshow. The easiest way to identify them is to select the slideshow in Muse, open the layers panel and find the highlighted slideshow. Open the drop down in the layers panel and see what the names of the images you want to change are (in this case they are 'Handbag' and 'Brick'). Now go to the 'Assets' panel and find those images. Right click on those images in the assets panel and choose re-link. This will allow you to choose from your images what you want to replace.
    The same goes for the About page.
    Question number two isn't a simple answer except for linking the pages. That's using the standard hyperlink section of Muse. The part that's a bit difficult is selecting the linkable part in the template. You need to click on the button ( I think about 4 times) until you get down to the actual button (this is an inline text button that is nested in a text box). If you want more information on using inline text take a look at our 'Flipping Boxes' widgets video. It uses these for it's design and the video describes how to use them.
    As far as how to duplicate that page, you need to see the templates video. It discusses how it's made and the CSS it requires.
    Question 3, these are again 'Inline' text (although they are images used as an inline text ) in text boxes.
    The best way to change them would be to select into the text box until you've selected that image. Look into the 'Fill' section of Muse (at the top) and you'll see the 'Normal' state has the brown png, and 'Rollover' state has a whit png. You will need to replace them.
    Hope this helps

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