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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by Lance Evans, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Lance Evans

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    Similar to others, I had an issue with the MPG expanding down and OVER page elements beneath it on the page layout.

    What I did was group the elements, and that solved the problem...IN THE PREVIOUS VERSION. But now in the latest release, with nothing changed, I am having that problem again. And the items are still grouped in the way that solved the issue before. So at this point, I am stumped.

    Anyone else have the issue, and have a solution?

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  2. Lance Evans

    Lance Evans Well-Known Member

    No replies?

    Well, I have spent hours/days trying to debug this. I have copied/pasted the gallery (with its various parts) and items following it into a new file, and had it not work. I have copied and paste the gallery alone to a new file and...had it work fine with some dummy text lines I put after it.

    I have tried a new MPG gallery and had it work sporadically. And I have tried going through the various gallery settings like margin, buffer, many options...but have been unable to figure out just what will and won't work in any repeatable way.

    It's infuriating. But there is a solution to be found. I wish others were trying to narrow this down as well. I'd love to hear from other's experiences, both in success and failure. Perhaps we can narrow this down.

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