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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by Ben_Bftg, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Ben_Bftg

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    In MediaPro lightbox, I was wanting to raise the play bar up a little higher. On a phone (landscape) the play button is behind the thumbnails and you wouldn't know to tap to play. I would like the player to move up further above the thumbnails. I tried adjusting the size of the thumbnails in the light box, but the play bar is still hidden behind the thumbnails. Tried adjusting larger and smaller.
    Is there a separate setting for padding between the player and the thumbnails?
    These are videos imported from Vimeo and I don't see any settings for padding on vimeo either.

    Other devices it is just fine iPad, Mini, phone (portrait only) playbar.png
  2. DjHerold

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    Ben, I believe the thumbs on/off box grid (nine little squares above the thumbs in your fist screenshot) is the only way to do that when in landscape mode on a phone.

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