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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by jimcoulter, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. jimcoulter

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    HI I just installed the Media Pro Gallery onto my Muse website. I love the functionality of it! But have a few concerns: Why does it take so long to load when I click to that page? My logo and header and text are there but it takes a few seconds to load the thumbnails. (My site is temporarily published to Adobe's Businesscatalyst)

    FYI I am using Vimeo links to my Videos. I am not using the Gallery for still photos.

    Also is there any way to add text content as a description or title of each video? It would be awesome if when you hover over the thumbnail it would show the title and length (for example)
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  2. Norman Durkee

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    Hey @jimcoulter , there Is a huge 30+ widget update rollout coming in the next few days, this widget very well may be on the list! That being said its sometimes slow loading widgets like this because they are pulling the content from an outside source, in this case it's Vimeo, a simple solutions, one that I've utilized in the past is to use the page preloader widget and that will add a simple loading animation to the page to allow in the everything to load in the background and still keep your audience engaged because the loading screen lets them know there's still something coming.

    As for the suggestion to the widget, that's not possible with this widget unfortunately in its current state. It may be cool to see that In a future update however!
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  3. jimcoulter

    jimcoulter Member

    I wanted to mention something else. I did publish my site to this address:
    I noticed yesterday that the Media Pro Gallery has missing thumbnails when I click on the portfolio page. They come back when I refresh the page but that could be a major problem for my clients! They won't know to refresh and it should always display correctly. Is that a known issue and will that be corrected in your update that's coming out?? Thanks!

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