MASSIVE "load more" bug // Overlapping

Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by SpringSummer82, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Hello boys and girls of Mumblr.

    I have to ask, has no one noticed the massive bug regarding overlapping content when you hit the "Load More" button? Because on my end it's glaringly obvious that this is a major issue.

    Using either Safari v9.0.3 (11601.4.4) or Chrome v50.0.2661.86 on my 2015 2.5Ghz Macbook Pro yields identical results: crazy formatting problems with images sporadically loading on top of each other when I hit the load more button. This is partially resolved when I hit the load more button a second time, but there's a downside. Yup, more crazy overlapping, everywhere.

    What troubles me is that this issue is present even on the Mumblr test pages on the MuseThemes site.

    This is just ugly, and bad. You know people are paying real earth money to use this widget, right?

    Fix this.

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