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    So I'm some what of a newbie at this but I'm absolutely certain that one of your widgets can be used to make a marquee scroll effect run across the top of web page - either headliner or animate text or text ticker or well - i'm not sure.

    But I've tried all of those and none of them see to have the option to scroll right to left across the screen (I have about a paragraph of text that I'd like to run as a single line across the top of the web page.)
    I realize there are a couple other widget making groups that do produce something like this, but I was sort of hoping that Muse Themes also had one.... more precisely one that I could use with the scaling text function you have (maybe? hopefully?).

    I'm not actually posting this in the widget suggestion board - because I suspect strongly that you have something like this and I just can't figure out how to set things up to get the effect.
    (If someone can give me a bit of a walk through for settings and which widget will do this that would be great.)
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    eclipsesk, what would probably be best for something like that, would be our Genius Quotes widget.
    It a stylized Composition widget, and gives you some flexibility on how you can use it.
    You'll have to experiment with the Scaling Text, I've not played with the two together, although you would be able to use live text in the composition, and that should allow the other to work. If it's not working the way you want, I'd try placing the widget inside the compositions target area along with the text. Not sure but that may work.
    Good luck
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