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    Hi folks I have a strange problem with the contact-widget of muse. Inserting the correct mail-addresses (of the client - with the same domain i.e. info@domain.xx it does not send the mails. When I put my address (which is absolutely not the same domain i.e. the mails arrives, even if when I upload it with ftp it says me, that probably such mails won't be sent by some hosting provider. Well it's not what I want, in fact I just want that it sends as described (with the same domain as the website). I was checking a lot of threads in the entire net, but did not find any solution. Even my hoster says its configurated properly. But this cannot be true? Someone had this problem? How is it been solved. Thanks Eugene
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    Login to your cPanel and check for an alert message (check screenshot). If there is one, you need to add the sending email ID under "Registered Email ID's"... Should ideally solve your problem.

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