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Looping Options

Discussion in 'Headliner' started by nicolem, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. nicolem

    nicolem Member

    Is it possible to have this widget type out a single line of text and then stop and appear as normal text or do you have to play through a series of options as in the "I love adobe...muse, photoshop, illustrator" example in the video. Currently, when I turn looping off, it deactivates the whole typing effect on my line of text. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    nicolem, it is possible to have one or more lines of text without looping. With multiple lines and no looping you will see the last line stay static at the end of the cycle. With one line, there is a timing issue. The widget wants to display the first line, even if the time setting is long, it's the widget starting it's function.
    What I do if I want a one line situation, is to actually have two lines, no looping, and the second line is the one I want to stay static. I make the first lines text color the same as my background (so it's invisible) or set my line of text as a period or something not seen. I then set my timing so that the second line appears as I want it to.
    Hope this helps

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