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Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by Levi Jones, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. Levi Jones

    Levi Jones Active Member

    Hello Musers! I have just re-launched my site, and I would love it if you would give me some terrible feedback! I want to know what irritates you about it, or anything that just doesn't look right to you. My site is LJDezignz.com

    Thanks Musers!
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  2. Paul Savage Jr

    Paul Savage Jr New Member

    Love the design! There are just a couple things I believe you could do to make it better. The navigation on the desktop version is somewhat cumbersome. It requires an extra step for me to get to the navigation, find where I want to go, and then click through to that page. On desktop versions it seems it would be better to just have the navigation in that blank space on the bar and reserve the hamburger menu for the tablet or mobile versions of your site.

    Second, there's something about the boxes around the text that just doesn't see right to me. It's almost as if you can't decide if you want the site to be full-width responsive or if it should have a fixed-width layout. In my opinion, I would remove these boxes, allowing the white space around the text to "breathe" and embrace the full width attributes. Using a background color, such as a light grey or tan, might also be a good way to create dividers, similar to what you are currently doing with the boxes, while also maintaining a consistent full-width feel.

    Overall, I love the structure and large imagery used in the design! I hope this feedback can be helpful to you in some way. Good luck!!
  3. Levi Jones

    Levi Jones Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback @Paul Savage Jr! I agree on the navigation. It is a great idea, and I have had a couple people tell me that. The boxes are there to draw your eyes to the text, but it still allows plenty of white space. Thus far, my usability studies on this very thing have confirmed that for my site the use of the boxes is best. If you would like to see what it looks like without the box stroke, you can always inspect the element.

    I will definitely think over all of these ideas, and I appreciate your input!

    LIEBLEIN New Member

    Your going to hate me at first but I'm going to give you an honest critique, I'm going to be mean at first and then I'll try to give you some positive feedback. First of all, I came here to see if anyone finally commented on my site that I posted a few posts down and nothing. I don't even know if it's good or if it sucks, I need to do a revamp on the whole thing anyways. But enough about my site (lieblein.com), this is a critique on your site. What do I think? I hate it. First of all, I don't think it really can even be called a site, it's just a page. It's a page that lacks any kind of originality or ingenuity, in fact, it looks like pieces of just about 90% of most websites that are out there. The fact that it won "Adobe Site of the Day" is mind-boggling and makes me curious about what the criteria is for winning that award. With that said, here comes the positives, you'll probably get a lot of client work with this nice minimalistic retort of a dying art form. The fact that you do see (and at least chose to copy) the ideas of minimalistic web design shows that you do have some kind of taste. I would encourage you to show more of yourself in your design and take some chances with some ideas that might not look right at first. There is no harm or foul in stealing from the best, but at least steal and try to make it your own. The only thing you really did, that's you is the ominous photo of your desk (that's a start to something that could be good). You need to take that idea further, you're playing with this black and white idea, what's the next step and layer with that idea? and finally, sorry, I hate the way that you are spelling design (Dezignz), it's retarded but ironically it might just be the most unique thing about my experience with your site and the best part. There is hope for you. For me, maybe not.

    everything I said could be wrong,


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