Linking to Mumblr posts directly through Muse site?

Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by ALW08, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. ALW08

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    I've just installed Mumblr to start a news feed/blog posts for articles, re-editing, etc. Ideally, I'd never give out a link to the actual tumblr site, but only drive traffic through my blog on my website directly. I've posted twice, but don't see a way to link directly to blog posts on my actual domain.

    This would be helpful for driving traffic via social media and eblasts, but again, I don't want visitors to ever visit the tublr backend site. Use case example, if I'd like to say on Twitter: "We've Started a Blog Series on X, check out the first post here: "LINK" Ideally, I could link to the article on my website somehow. Right now, I just see the blog content but no elements to link to. I understand the process for opening content in a lightbox as opposed to going to Tubmlr, but from my understanding, this is only once the post has been shortenend or if the content is hidden and not quite what I'm looking to do.

    What am I overlooking?

    Links for reference:
    Live blog on my page:
    Tumblr page: (uses free simplicity theme)
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    Hey @ALW08 , with Mumblr at the moment it is not possible to link to (or share a link directly to) a post on your site, unless of course that post has it's own page by itself. But if you have Mumblr set up as a traditional blog with multiple Tumblr post's being pulled in on that single page, there is no way to directly link to one of those multiple listed post's.
  3. ALW08

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    Thanks, Norman. Does my use-case example make sense as to why I would want that functionality? Just making sure I'm not asking for too much. I do see that this Tumblr theme allows for visitors to subscribe via RSS and a way to view the archives- that would be a great thing to incorporate on the site too.

    Any other suggestions for the way I have my blog integrated on my site? Thanks for the prompt reply.

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