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    Hello. I'm looking for feedback on my Portfolio & Personal website.

    The portfolio pathway is: & the art pathway start would be:

    The site was completely built using beta versions of the new Adobe Muse responsive design software that has an upcoming release. I know it's already been mentioned here that muse themes will have some specific widgets for the release but many of the current widgets do function and work, as you will see.

    I guess I should get a little more technical here, might be helpful to muse themes staff, let me know if this should be posted in another thread and i'll do so.

    My biggest holdback is with the carousel video gallery (11.3), specifically used on my work samples page.( I'm only able to populate 3 videos, adding an additional list kills the whole process, at an early time in the beta versions I was able to put 5 videos in, adding a 6th would show up but would kill my custom buttons. Anyhow, I'm sure this is something that has already been addressed but just in case I wanted to point that out. I had problems with the slider widgets as well and had to find a different widget to accomplish the task of scrolling my client list. Other than that, pretty solid. I use the image carousel pretty extensively throughout the site and it seems to be good. Audio Playlist (11.4) caused some problems which would be nice to use in the future but I didn't spend a lot of time troubleshooting that one.

    Anyhow, not sure if that is even helpful. Let me know if you want me to give more details and thanks in advance to anyone who gives me feedback on my site.

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