It's a great widget, but I'd have some important questions

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    It's really a great widget, but I'd have some questions.

    1.) If I want to use tumblr blogs as a feed for a news site, but for other purposes, too, it's really important to have a button in each post that points to a separate site containing only the specific post. (In the case of Wordpress news sites it works the way I mentioned.)

    So, I would need the site with the mosaic blog style news, and when I click on the Keep reading or Read more button, it would go to the separate site with the specific post with my style in the background.

    How can You do this?

    I saw a site of a Muse-Themes member which managed to display the whole content of one single post on a separate site, and it seemed to be a Muse site.

    Please, can anyone tell me (including the site owner) how she managed to do this?

    There is a sample in Your Mumblr Demo Portfolio - Page 3 where You solved this problem the following way:

    When I click on the Read more button, a pop-up window appears on the screen with the whole post.

    When I replaced the Mumblr ID to my ID, it didn't work, at least I didn't see anything on the page, except the background.

    Do You need specific settings on Your Mumblr account to do this?

    The most important would be to be able to show the content on a separate site just as the owner of the site mentioned above did.

    This would be very important, because if the advanced design capabilities of Muse could be harmonized with the the features of the CMS, then it just would be great.

    2.) Is there (or will there be) an option to categorize the posts? I don't even know if You can do this on Tumblr blogs.

    Thanks in advance for the answer,

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