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Discussion in 'All Other Widgets' started by Andrea Sullivan, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Andrea Sullivan

    Andrea Sullivan New Member


    I'd love to put the Instagram widget to use, but wondered if the bug (an image is clicked, the lightbox opens at the top of the page) is being worked on? I did not see it in the project list. Even if I could turn the lightbox part of the widget off for now it would make a client super happy.

    The only other reference to the problem that I can locate was posted by Nathan on the widget's review area (note that I find this problem happening for both mobile and desktop; and it works perfectly when previewing locally - but creates the bug when it's uploaded live to the web.)

    "So Close
    Nathan from Phoenix, AZ on Sep 02, 2016
    This is such a great idea for a widget. Unfortunately, when on mobile, clicking one of the pictures results in the lightbox opening at the top of the page. This means that, if you click on a photo 700 pixels down the page, you won't even see the image open in a lightbox, because it will have opened 700 pixels higher up on the page."

    "Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the review. This is a bug with the widget, and we're working on it right now. We should have it fixed shortly!"

    Thanks! Any information that I can pass on is greatly appreciated.

    (I'm new to the forum, so if I've missed this info. someplace else, please direct me there. Thanks!)
  2. DjHerold

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    Andrea, I just spoke with one of the team and they are still working on a fix.
    They said they would notify me when thy have something.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Andrea Sullivan

    Andrea Sullivan New Member

    Thanks, Dj,
    Good to know they're still working on it.

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