Solved I downloaded Artisan but can't export due to 'error/web font' issue..

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Sterling Williams, May 25, 2016.

  1. I changed all the highlighted text in every page to Lato but no matter what (all are norm web fonts with 'globe' icon) I can't export the theme. Anyone else having this issue/seems like a universal one no? Thnks for any assist forward!

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  2. DjHerold

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    Sterling, can I assume you do not have type kit and the fonts in the Adobe package?
    You mentioned highlighted text, not sure what that means but if it's you highlighting specific blocks of text make sure any spaces or any gaps between lines of text aren't containing Carriage returns and spaces, those will take on the front of the type that was used. If that doesn't solve your issue, place a support ticket ( the team has been discussing this ) they may be able to find your specific issue.
  3. Hey Dj, thanks for getting back to me. So 'highlighted' text (I'd send a screenshot but I fix/replaced them all) just had subtle light orange rectangle highlight over all the text that it seemed to imply 'fixing'. The font the Artisan designers had set was not a global web font (can't recall the name but it was the title text for most the sections on all pages) so I changed all to Lato. but still getting export font alert error but nowhere on any of the pages (it says 'home' is the issue). So odd that you can't export the site at all because it seems to have an issue with a font somewhere. BUT I don't know if it was a cache issue last night but tried fresh upload just now and it WORKED!

    Side note: I'd like to suggest adding some 'life' to some of the elements to this theme and any upcoming responsive Muse Themes awesomeness. I know parallax is out the window with responsive (literally broke my heart when I found this out, an absolutely fav site design flavor of mine for 3 yrs and the mobile parallax is #priceless head turner, especially now that android's latest update finally caught up w iOS and is smooth parallax mobile friendly, no longer 'choppy', just truly separates from bland template vibe sites) but also nothing fades or slides in in Artisan. With most every platform finally mobile friendly, I think experiencing custom 'life' to views on all platforms is priceless these days more than ever. 'The bar keeps raising' in web design and most all tech, design, visual experiences. (ha, I know this side not not support related but wanted to mention) I'll give that awesome looking InfiniScroll Mu$eThemes widget a shot right now!

    BEST all ways forward!

  4. DjHerold

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    Sterling, glad it worked out.
    Because of the NDA with Adobe Muse and th pre release beta, I can't say much about what's upcoming, but if you're not in the pre release beta, I think you'd like to get in and see what coming next. It may "unbreak" your heart.
  5. hmmmmm, yeah I'm in the beta program and just checked the latest notes forum... I see all the notes/latest announcement re Muse CC 2015.2 Release Notes but nothing mentioned about Parallax. Did I miss something somewhere else on the beta forum #IamPraying. 90% of my client sites WordPress based still (before responsive Muse, my site designs looked pretty bad on big screens/27" so had to back off of and continue WordPress responsive based builds, so keeping the fingers crossed and patience and faith close still! this still my go to Muse pride and joy that blows peeps away, especially on mobile "wow I've never seen a site in my life do anything that on a phone!"

    Thnks for your time Dj, oh and got an Artisan demo up and to add some life rocked that awesome InfiniScroll widget! NICE work Mu$eThemes!
  6. NOW I SEE IT about SCROLL E--ECTS!!!

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