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Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by Scott W., Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Scott W.

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    I was curious as to how to use the Mumblr widget as a CMS. I had thought that it was only an extension to the Tumbler blogging site. Do you have a video tutorial that explains the CMS use process. I've used quite a few CMSs and it would be great if this acted as a true "content management system" for the Adobe MUSE program as apposed to Business Catalyst or the browser alternative. Thanks, keep up the gret work that you guys do.
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    Hellos @Scott W. , so the first thing I did when implementing Mumblr into a clients website is trying to figure out how to use it as a CMS, its going to be different than your traditional CMS's but is still very powerful and allows the client control over adding and editing things such as a Gallery or the obvious, a Blog.
    I am currently working an site for an artist who is not very tech savy so I needed to be able to create a site where she could add to her Gallery as well an Upcoming Shows page. BUT she was not able to grasp how to use and edit a google calendar so I turned to Tumblr and Mumblr as a solution. What I did was create each page and add Mumblr, but each version of the widget pulls from a specific "tag" thats typed into the Tumblr posts.
    For example for her to update her "Gallery Page", she would upload her photo with the information and for the "tag" she would write "art", and on the gallery page I inserted Mumblr and set it to only show posts with the tags "art", same with the upcoming shows she would write the month as the tag, so for example "February", and I have 12 Mumblr widgets on that page, and each widget is set to pull a specific month, so when she posts and tags it "march" it will show up in the March category on her page.
    Ive also created a little HOW TO UPDATE YOUR SITE book that I will be using form now on and tailoring it to each customer. I have attached the PDF for that so you can check it out, it is not an up to date version and may contain some typo's lol. I hope that helps, the possibilities are endless if you learn to incorporate the "tags" function of Mumblr. If you have any question please feel free to ask.

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    Norman Durkee

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  3. Scott W.

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    Thank you @Norman Durkee, I really appreciate your response and the booklet looks great, good job! Your explanation of how to use the Mumblr widget was very helpful. I'd like to see it expand into a stand alone CMS and not be as reliant on Tumblr. Once again thank you for your response.
  4. Sarah

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    I second that! Thank you so much!
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    That's great!

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