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Discussion in 'Templates' started by Doug Silvermaster, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. HI,

    I'm trying to figure out how to place a link on a "Contact Us" text box that I need to place on each of the compositions in the Featured Projects section of this template. When I place the text box on the composition (next to the Visit Site link) and I select 'Contact' from the drop down menu under Hyperlinks, it does not fetch the Contact Us part of the Home Page when clicked. It merely scrolls down to where the Contact Us anchor is located. But because I am in the composition, that area is obviously blank.

    I have tried to set the link to the actual URL with the Contact anchor as the destination, but that does not appear to work outside of the Muse environment. Any suggestions as to how I can link BACK to the main page, outside the composition, to a specific anchor? I've been trying to see how the Back to Projects link does this, but I'm just not getting it. Any help appreciated!

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    Doug, compositions are a strange bird, they can do a lot, but unfortunately you are correct, it won't let you go to an anchor point.
    The typical use would be to create a separate page and link to that if you want your visitors to go from the projects page to a contact us page. You could add a 'back to home page from there to get your viewers back into the main page.
    As far as the "back to projects" button, that is just a normal composition 'close' button with a typed in name.
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  3. Dj,
    Ok, thanks for the reply. I can stop pulling what hair I have left out, now. :) I like the idea of a separate Contact Us page that's just a duplicate of the one on the main page.

    Thanks Again

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