Help. Have to integrate Wordpress Blog and Mailchimp Signup.

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by britta, May 15, 2017.

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  1. britta

    britta Active Member

    I am looking in the dashboard of my client's wordpress site, trying to figure out how to integrate their existing blog, and embed their mailchip signup form into their awesome new Muse site. Totally intimidated and lost. Any advice, direction, tutorials?
  2. New Member 01

    New Member 01 Member

    Dear Britta!

    There is a way to integrate Wordpress blogs into Muse, but mainly a newly created blog with Musexpress. ( There is another way to integrate existing blogs only with basic functions into muse, see the video:

    Musegain also has a module:


    I would also have a question about the pricing of a Muse site: I'm just trying to assess the international average price of a Muse presentation site below which I couldn't create a site.

    Thanks in advance for the answer
  3. Susan Stramm

    Susan Stramm Active Member

    Yes - museexpress - you will want to be aware that the cost for that is not just their subscription but also the support fee ($99). The product only installed on one server when I tested it. Their support is seriously deficient.

    I am going to play around with it to see if I can get it to work on the server I need it on, but I would caution anyone who is considering this product to be aware. The product looks brilliant but I am not sure it's worth risking the headache of bad support.
  4. New Member 01

    New Member 01 Member

    There are 3-4 major widget providers for Muse, Musethemes is a very good one with very good options, but - and I'm not advertising any system here - I've also been using Musexpress for about half a year. I made a registration system and an integrated database with different modules, mainly with the Pages module, because it is able to insert other Wordpress plugins. I had tested it for a month, and it worked, it wasn't so easy, but with the help of it, it could be done. So, several wordpress plugins work with the Musexpress CMS, but you're right, you have to be aware of every provider. When I asked some questions, most of the time I was given answers, maybe 2-3 days later, but the main thing is, they replied to me. Luckily I didn't have to ask a lot of questions.

    I recommend all the 3 major widget providers for Muse: Muse-Themes, Musegain and QooQee, and maybe Museforyou (You can find a lot of animation and graphical widgets there.)
    The question is how much people or companies are willing to pay for professional sites, because Muse is for designing a site with a very precise system, with a lot of possibilities, and the modules are for integrating technically advanced elements. Nowadays it would be quite difficult to write the whole source code for sites with such great graphical and multimedia requirements.
    Therefore there are applications and professional programs that can do the design part.

    I'm not located in the US or the UK, but I would be curious how much an average site with a good quality, a stable technical background and good design would cost. From the range of presentation sites to more complicated sites with news section or blogs, or even webstores.

    For example, in most of the cases, cheap websites are created with some open source system (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), and they are inserting a template (which is also not written very well). This is the main reason behind a lot of non-functioning sites.
    Muse for example is a good program to create good-looking websites with a more stable source code than the ones mentioned above. Wordpress is also a good CMS (Content Managament System), and websites can also be made well in Wordpress, but it will take time, so , it is not a 4-day work. Those who do it in 4-5 days, can't create a good-functioning site in such a short time period.

    Now there are many options for blogging and news pages in Muse:
    - Muse-Themes: Article Connect, Mumblr
    - Musegain: Musexpress
    - QooQee: Blog module

    (Adobe Business Catalyst)

    But, of course, these sites with more complicated modules can't cost 500-600 $, because even in the case of a presentation site with 5-6 sub-sites, and a responsive or adaptive design it will take at least a month.
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