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Graphics and sub-menus do not appear in child pannel

Discussion in 'Pushy Panes' started by Editor AL, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member

    Hi ya-all!

    Since Versa Slider is not working and Dj suggested using Pushy Panes, so I tried using it.
    Pushy Panes did work in all the brake points but will not allow me to place a graphic or show all menus/ (sub-menus) when it opens on a page .

    • Earlier today while tying to use Pushy Panes, I posted a forum comment with examples of this issue in the Versa Beakpoint posting i began in July, before thinking to look for Pushy Panes forum.

    Is anyone else unable to show sub-menus or graphics placed in the child graphic with Pushy Panes?
    • (Nomenclature of sub-menus: There are two types of menus in Native Muse Vertical Menus: the top level menus then the all menus. The All menus show the sub-menus that are under the first level of pages.These are missing on the child posting using Pushy Panes.)
    • Plus when i place a PSD or PNG graphic in the child or on the parent graphic - they do not show up when i open pushy panes.
    Although i did much of the testing using preview: i did go through the PUSHY PANES forum and read the suggestion to POST the site on line to test it.
    • I did that and got the same outcomes:
    • Pictures show the result from attempting to show sub-menus and graphics as seen in the 2nd picture.
    • missing graphic8.png MissingGraphicA8.png
    • no sub-menus and the graphics placed in the child do not appear.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks and Cheers!
  2. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member

    • Muse Version 2015.2
    • Widget Version 1.1
    • Operating System 10.11.6
    • Browser Used and Version Number tested in firefox 48.01 and safari 9.1.2
    • Supporting Screenshots in first posting
    • Published Link to Your Site http://versaslider.businesscatalyst.com/index.html

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