Getting this Error Message When I try to Publish The Website

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Troy Sherman, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Troy Sherman

    Troy Sherman Member

    Everything has been working fine with this site for weeks. I tried the PDF viewer Widget and Ever since I am getting this Error Message even when I removed the PDF viewer. Nothing else was changed on this page.

    Could not generate code on one or more fonts on page 'Beach' [Error 0: Not Connected]

    Apparently it can no longer find the fonts that I was using. My Type Kit account is working fine with all other websites.
  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Troy, I have to suggest a support ticket with this issue.
    The team can look at your file and give you a better assessment then I can without the file.
    Thank you

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