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Discussion in 'Connect - CSV Widgets' started by Steve Harris, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    All good @Steve Harris

    I just updated the website and now the pages do not show up:

    It went from 73 to 46 pages!

    Keep me posted on your testing.

    Also..please update pushy panes so it is pixel based width instead of percentage based. Some of us are pixel perfect designers!

    Thank you for all your work...I can't wait to see what the next connect widget is...can I get a hint?
  2. Kevin DuCommun

    Kevin DuCommun Developer Staff Member

    Hello Jesse,

    The problem here is that the gallery connect items (and their links) are generated at runtime. While search engines now execute javascript prior to crawling pages to ensure dynamic content is loaded before hand, most of the sitemap generators don't do this. Some of them, like the one you use, have support for javascript links and links to dynamic content (ajax and such) but they don't execute javascript on the initial page load. Since gallery connect items don't exist until the javascript is run in the browser, it never sees them.

    There are several server based sitemap generators that sites generally use for this type of situation that you configure and run on your server yourself, but I've not seen many that are available via a web based service. I did come across this one that might work for this situation:

    This one uses the approach that many of the server side solutions use, but offers a web interface so you can use it without having to install and configure it yourself. It requires you to add a script to your page to allow the site to be crawled, so I wasn't able to test your site, but it might just do the trick.
  3. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    That request for Pushy Panes is pretty common, so unless @Kevin DuCommun says otherwise I can't see why we couldn't do it pretty easily. It's actually more common because of mobile usage – users don't mind a menu taking up 80% of their screen size on mobile, but on desktop it's kind of ridiculous to have such a massive menu.

    We have a few Connect widgets under development, both to be released within the month or two. One is called Chart Connect which does exactly what the name suggests (bar / pie / line charts via a spreadsheet is pretty slick and obvious). The other is called "Content Connect"... without telling you, what would you hope Content Connect does? If we could build anything as a Connect widget, what would you like to see?

  4. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    @Kevin DuCommun @Steve Harris That worked! Thank you. It indexed everything perfectly.

    Do you recommend removing the script after I complete a sitemap?
  5. Gustavo

    Gustavo Member

    Hi! I am starting to like the widget... is it possible to add text to the thumbnails like in the screenshot?

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  6. Kevin DuCommun

    Kevin DuCommun Developer Staff Member

    Yes, I would go ahead and just remove the script once its no longer needed for indexing. Just keep the site bookmarked or keep the script snippet handy somewhere so you can easily slap it back on if you find yourself needing to do a reindex.
  7. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kevin...I will remove.

    I have 2 more questions which I hope you can answer.

    These questions also go to @Steve Harris who asked me about what my perfect connect widget would be. I have been struggling a little bit with the slider widgets to get them to do exactly what I want. The Gallery Connect widget is coming close but I still need a couple more tweaks to get it to be perfect for my everyday use.

    I would love to have a full screen option for a set pixel size and above (lets say 1024px). Anything smaller will use the same widget but just scale in the ratio you 1.7

    I am also having a lot of issues with the text placement inside these widgets. Not a lot of control...I would like to put text in upper left on one photo or bottom left etc etc.

    Here is what I did on one of my websites and I would like to be able to at least mimic this with the gallery connect widget:

    This all brings me back to my first question in pursuit of the perfect widget:

    Question #1:
    I would like to be able to keep the title or description text in the center area (see blue middle box):

    Just like this website does: except I don't like how the photo scrolls when at full screen but it does everything else I want.

    The text highlighted in green is Adobe Muse text that is on top of the Gallery Connect slider. I want to be able to have the Gallery Connect text (The large white text behind the highlighted green text) replace that existing adobe muse text box.

    Question #2:
    How can I change the slider arrows (the white arrows are really hard to see).

    Can I add a drop shadow to this like the cinch slider arrows have..that would works well.

    I would like to either change the existing size and color or change the png files.

    Can we use the existing Alexis theme:

    These white arrows inside the light black boxes make navigation easier when the white arrows are on white content such as the white chop in the ocean below:

    And could we change the gallery connect dots while we are at it? They are so low resolution and should be something classier like your Cinch nav dots.

    Thank you.
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  8. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey All,

    We're looking for feedback on something...

    As you know, our Connect series of widgets use spreadsheets for updating options and content (we call these "Presets" and "Content" sheets). We've had a great response from users with this system. Some options however, have remained in the widget option panels, like color selection. The idea behind this was that the color swatch tool would make choosing colors more convenient.

    We're thinking of using the spreadsheets for ALL options going forward. This will boost the power and flexibility of the Connect widgets. You would no longer have to open Muse and republish a site to make changes to colors or fonts for example. We would add the styling options to the presets sheets, so there would still be only two spreadsheets to work with, instead of three.

    What we've heard from designers is that they are generally working with a color palette or swatches already, so pasting a color's hex code into the spreadsheets is super simple. What do you think? We'd love to have your feedback!
  9. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    Hello guys,
    upon click my connect gallery loads and i get the three horizontal loading balls. But quite often it gives another loading gif and then it doesn't load at all. I can try and refresh numerous times... and sometimes it does load after refreshing it let's say two times and another time it loads after refreshing 20 times or it won't load at all. See image. The one above is when it is loading correctly and the one underneath is the very frustrating one...

    Anyone an idea of what's going one here?
    Kind regards
    Richard issueConnectGallery.jpg
  10. razah

    razah Active Member

    This would definitly help! The problem with the settings within the widget panel is to sync them when you re using a lot gallery connect widgets on different pages. So please give it a go. I also would love to see more options in the CSV like the background color and custom navigation arrows and so on...
  11. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    This is a great idea.

    Also please try to include more options in the presets for:

    1. Full Screen Slider Option - specifically at certain breakpoints! (See post #127)
    2. Arrow Shadows - with and without shadows so we can see them on white! (See post #127: Question #2)
    3. Arrow Sizes - options for larger sizes like your cinch widget...I love those arrows! (See post #127: Question #2)
    4. Text Alignment - Can we have the text align inside the breakpoint width..not the browser width? (See post #127: Question #1 Brookdale)
    5. Fonts - Bold options
    6. Fonts - Shadow option
    7. All current options would be great!!!

    Keep up the awesome work Muse-Themes team.

    P.S. Thanks for the Pushy Pane update @Steve Harris @Kevin DuCommun
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  12. joseph

    joseph New Member

    I've found what may be a bug in the .csv widgets, or it just may be me. Is it possible that the .csv deal ignores the suffix of a site address? I have several sites with the same site name but different suffixes (.com .net .org .nyc, etc.). I am using the CSV - Sidebar Connect widget and it seems to always revert to the .com, will not recognize others.



  13. Valere

    Valere New Member

    Hi there,
    Just started to use the widget and it's just great. Exactly what I was looking for. Maybe I'm getting crazy...
    I'm using the mosaic grid. I zoom in on an image and the discription appears on top of the image. I close the zoom with the cross and can go further as started. Until I open a Youtube image and watch the movie. I close again with the cross and click on the next image in the grid to zoom. The description of the image(s) doesn't appear anymore. Even if I go back to an earlier opened image. The description only comes back if I refresh the page. Is there any way to fix this?
  14. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    Any idea what's going on? This is driving me mad and unusuable!!!! @Steve Harris
  15. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Ritchieb, this is something I haven't had any luck recreating.
    I am going to suggest you place a support ticket on this (resources>contact us) and the team can possibly look at your specific file to see what's up.
  16. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Ritchie - sorry to hear about this! If the gallery loads sporadically it kind of sounds like there might be some content in the CSV that it's having trouble with. Any massive videos or images it's trying to load? Something causing a time out?
  17. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Honestly I'd think that's impossible, but I suppose on the web anything can happen. I've tried a few tests on my end using Wikipedia (.org) and the link always seemed to open up fine. Any chance we can take a look at the spreadsheet / site link? If you don't want to share publicly please feel free to send to our support crew ( Thanks!!
  18. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks Jesse! Gallery Connect is a big priority for us so we'll look at making another round of improvements soon. Some of this you might be able to accomplish with a little bit of custom CSS embedded in the site header (bolding, shadows, arrow sizes)...
  19. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    I don't know.... each gallery has about 7 to 8 images (all jpgs) in it. The biggest image is about 71KB and is 960x960 px
    I must say that (to keep it simple for my client) the image source is the same for the thumbnail.
  20. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member


    @Steve Harris Can you please answer me because i want to go on with the site

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