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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by Lance Evans, Oct 16, 2017.

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    I have tracked down an issue, perhaps there is a solution. You can see in the image attached below that when the layout does NOT have a Media Pro gallery on it, it renders as expected. As seen in the image set to the left.

    But put a MP gallery on the page and then instantly the page renders as seen on the right side of the attached image set. Note that many elements are clipped down the right side of the page.

    Now, you will also notice that in both cases the browser windows are set narrow enough to create a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window. And I will tell you that if I drag the window wider, the clipped elements reappear along the right side.

    However, this is only a solution with displays that have enough width and or pixels. On mobile devices, I am only seeing the clipped website. :-(

    Perhaps you will tell me that I need to put in additional (and narrower) breakpoints. But without the gallery, the page loads fine on mobile devices, and scales to fit the width of the device.

    I would understand this problem if I was using a stock gallery that is not responsive. But Media Pro is responsive and should not be mucking up the width in any way. And in fact though the website is clipped, the MP Gallery is just fine. Working in just the way one would expect. It's just that it appears to be mucking up the other things on the page.

    I hope this was clear. Happy to clarify any questions. Suggestions? Much appreciated!


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    Lance, could I ask that you place a support ticket (resources>contact us) on this.
    I have not seen this before and without a file to look at it's a bit difficult.
    The team can have you send them your file and see what's up.
    If they find an issue (or not) would you be so kind as to post the results back here in the thread so others can learn from it?
  3. Lance Evans

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