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Discussion in 'Templates' started by Tesla619, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Tesla619

    Tesla619 Member

    Hey guys, i am working with the Fusion theme but a few things,Composition slider; how do i change the images and the navigation bar, how to add internal links and hyperlinks.

    Please see video
  2. Alex Wiley

    Alex Wiley Product Specialist / Widget Development Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey @Tesla619

    Thanks for the video, it made it really easy to understand your problems! Here are your solutions.

    The reason that you do not get a hyperlink option is because you are selecting a menu widget, this means that it is already automatically linked to your pages. As you will see if you go into the plan section and change a page name it will automatically change in your navigation bar at the top. If you want to manually link your menu then you will need to delete the menu and create it using State Buttons.

    I do understand what you mean with the folder, this sort of functionality is shown on our Mosaic Gallery widget, however that functionality does not exist with the default composition widget I am afraid. In order to understand how to use compositions, try watching this video:

    (Go from 4:00 in, that is the part that is applicable to you)

    Take care,
  3. Tesla619

    Tesla619 Member

    HI Alex, ok so this is an option not in the normal widget in muse, its Musethemes's ?

    Also, i watched the video, but in the video there are several triggers and one target, in the template there is only 2 targets (arrows) and 2 images, how can i make it where it is multiple images when the arrow's are pressed, i want to say slider ? but if the limitations of the composition slider template are 2 then why not jsut use a slider in the template ?
  4. Tesla619

    Tesla619 Member

    Also another question, the assist folder, the template came with one but how can i create a new assist folder and upload all my images to that then link it to the template ?

    Ive also tried this and it keeps wanting me to relink the current itenms but i upload a new image and it doesnt show up in the assits in muse. Instructions.pdf
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  5. DjHerold

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    Tesla, I'm not entirely sure I understand you question, so bare with me.
    If you are asking how to load images into the Muse site, the easiest way is to go to File>Ad files for upload. Your files will now appear in the assets folder. You can verify by going to your Muse asset fold, usually along the side bar of muse. If not there then go to Window>Assets.
    Also, when you add an image, by any method, say like by File>place. It will add the image to your assets folder automatically.
    Hope this helps

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