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Functions that would be necessary for further possibilities

Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by New Member 01, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. New Member 01

    New Member 01 Member

    Dear Muse Themes Team and Dear Readers!

    Please read these lines, and tell me what You think about these requests.

    The Mumblr widget is a great leap forward since it connects a blog system (CMS) to the Adobe Muse interface.

    I'm mostly interested in the newspaper capabilities of this widget, therefore there would be needed some other options.

    I'd like to recite the most important options:

    1.) An option to see the "Read more" content on another page within the whole website, so it would be embedded, but not only in a Lightbox panel.

    2.) To change the date to whatever language You want.

    3.) An indexing function with a full site search widget would be of essential nature.

    There is a Swift type widget for full site search, but Swift type only offers its services for a relatively high price for businesses (from 249 $ / month).

    I think Wordpress has free modules for full site search. Adobe Muse has another widget called Addsearch, but this isn't free either, though it has a more friendly price structure.

    The Google option is not a real option since it doesn't give search results within the website.

    Nowadays Content Management Systems with the ability to connect to Adobe Muse are spreading. There are 3 major ones, and You are one of them who chose the Tumblr platform, there is another widget that can create independent blogs, so it is not dependent on any other CMS, and recently a new one has come out which can connect Wordpress capabilties with Adobe Muse and other PHP capabities.

    That would have been unthinkable 2 years ago. With Adobe Muse You can embed HTMl/CSS and Javascript, but not PHP, and now some of these options became available through 3rd party services.

    A Search site module would be very important to index everything within a site.
    I already wrote here that Wordpress has some good CMS capabilities, but Muse seems to be a more stable system with better design capabilities.

    4.) Newspaper templates from Muse-Themes.

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