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Solved Full Width Video- not playing on ipad

Discussion in 'SHOW Responsive Video Suite' started by Niamh Herrity, May 2, 2016.

  1. dionhawley

    dionhawley New Member

    I think I found a solution. I am not working with one of the templates, but I built a site with two versions, a desktop and phone. On the phone version my Video a Youtube URL Widget would not autoplay, I couldn't even click on the play button, I noticed I had built a solid in front of the video widget that had a stroke only. I think this was causing an issue. I sent the stroke only solid back one layer behind the video and turned off autoplay. Now on the mobile version the video shows up, and I can press the play button to get it to play. Hope this helps.
  2. MarkCph

    MarkCph New Member

    i totally agree. and i think it's a little provoking to see that DJHerold is not taking the blame and say "Hey we f*cked up, sorry guys". Instead he is trying to say that "but this really isn't a Musethemes widget issue. As long as I can remember, this has been a rule of design with the mobile sizes. This is a regulatory issue, not one of functionality. If it were allowed, the widget would work as designed."

    Bad style... Don't pretend that your a perfect, but instead reachout to us and say thanks when we find your bug in the program. Me too has used an amount of time to struggle precisely with this issue - among so many other - still not mentioned and solved - bug in the Adobe Muse program... thats another story.

    But bottomline: Take your blame instead of pretending that this is not your problem. Of course it is. You sell widget and they have to work as intended. if they don't, admit it instead of this stupid thing. I really h*te that. Attached is pictures from DJHerold when he didn'tknow it was an issue with no autoplays on mobile devices until the statement that "this isn't really a Musethyem-issue" and "As long as i remember...." (see above). that was it.... hope you guy learn from that - you should if you wanna build a genuine community build on respect...

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  3. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Mark, first let me say, that I am really sorry you've taken issue with my statements. My aim is to try and help, not anger anyone.
    I have to admit though, I'm not seeing where I've lead anyone astray or avoided any blame (if any is necessary).
    My statement about the widget not 'Auto Playing' on Mobile devices wasn't a cop out, it's a statement of record that the Mobile carriers block this function, and also most OS designs, NOT that the widget won't do it.
    I think, and I will be the first to admit being wrong, that to my knowledge, there is no video widget on the market that will "Auto Play" on Mobile. (I am editing this to say that there could be an exception but it's rare that an OS will allow this, if it happens it's usually becase of using wifi not mobile data).
    If that's not what you are referring to, please feel free to point out my error.
    Although this is a Community Forum, and not everyone will agree with what is on every post, I do take it seriously when it comes to providing the most accurate information I have.
    Thanks in advance,

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