Frost: Having problems resizing the photos with hover effect

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Janne, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Hi, I use frost as a base for my website, but changed the breakpoints from responsive to fixed. Therefore I changed the photos that have a hover effect from responsive to fixed size as well. When it comes to smaller breakpoints (550 downwards) it happens that they change their size up to over 1000 px in height, stick together and - what´s worse - change their size in all other breakpoints (though fixed before) as well. Now I even don´t get two of them divided – they simply "stick" together and won´t depart.

    It´s so annoying. Keeps me hours and when I think I´ve done it and go to the next breakpoint, my photos have resized again. :((

    What have I done wrong or what have I missed to consider?

    Tired, Janne

    PS: In the screenshot you see that the upper photo is sized as it should, but the two below stick together and have multiplied in height ...

    . Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-03 um 17.11.19.png

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