Fonts are different when I preview site in browser

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by VeeVee3, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Font in Muse.png Font in Browser.png Hello,

    Yesterday when I was working on my webstie, and I previewed my fonts in the browser they were fine. Today they are different fonts. Muse gives me an error 500 code and tells me It can't export this font. Help what am I doing wrong.

    Ive attached a screenshot of my website in muse and then another picture of it in the browser. In the Muse website I am using the font : Industry Inc Inline Stroke Bold, and I don't know what font the browser changes it to.
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    VeeVee, I am providing a link that has some very important information on using Fonts in Muse.
    This article will show how to use fonts in Widgets and a couple of things you need to do inside of Muse.
    If this is happening to you without the issue revolving around a widget font, then could you explain the method you used when placing the font on your computer/site. Did you add the font you want through typekit? Did you add a Font Kit? Or did you just add a font to your system?
    This would help us
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    Thanks for the link. It's just a regular Typekit font : Industry Inc Inline Stroke Bold I'm not using it with a widget. the thing that puzzes me is it was working fine a couple of days ago now the browser won't recognize the same font.

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