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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Meesh, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Meesh

    Meesh New Member

    My 'Mandate' theme isn't working properly on any mobile device (primarily an Apple iPhone 7 but tested on others). The initial view is too large (you have to pinch to zoom out) and there's a white gap down along the righthand side of the site.

    Site: http://innercompass-consulting.com/testsite/
    (mobile screenshot attached)

    Here is an example of the same theme, when viewing on a mobile, it seems to be working well -

    After scouring the forums, I've looked to see if there's anything off canvas, but there is nothing (even Master pages). Obviously there's something causing the problem (hopefully small).

    Thanks! Any info would be appreciated.


    Muse CC version 2017.0.4.8 (current)
    Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5

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  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Meesh, this could be due to the way your elements, like images and text boxes, are set responsively in your lowest breakpoints. If certain elements are set to 'none' in the responsive menu, and you view the page on a phone that has a slightly narrower screen than the breakpoint is set to, then those elements won't scale down accordingly, but would rather exceed the page boundaries a bit. Especially with your lowest breakpoint being only 480, many phones in portrait orientation are much narrower than that. So any elements not fully fluid would cause the page to shift left and right.

    Quick question, did you remove the 550 breakpoint, if I remember correctly one of our videos recommended that. If so, is it possible for you to try it with that BP is in the template? Some have told me it might be worth leaving in. Even if it's not visible to you on your device, there are other devices that may be able to benefit from it.
    Let me know if this helps. If you are still having this issue, you may want to place a support ticket (resources>contact us) and let the team see your file.
  3. Meesh

    Meesh New Member

    Thanks for all of this! Great advice (as usual). I removed the 550 BP and it seems to have solved the large initial view when first loading the site, and everything is centered nicely. I played around with the responsive menus (none, responsive width, stretch to browser width) and there is still the white gap all down the right side (if you scroll over to the right). I will submit a support ticket - thanks!
  4. Cat

    Cat Member

    Just an idea, but do you have a slider in the site? I've noticed that sometimes the container doesn't reduce, even though you reduce the contents, which has caused problems.

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