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    Hi Forum

    • Q: Can I achieve a 'fixed width breakpoint' for tablets and mobiles without the browser canvas interfering?
    • Q: Can I achieve a 'fixed width breakpoint' without Muse including the addition of a browser canvas either side of the page?
    1. When creating a 'fixed width breakpoint' extra width is added either side for the 'bowser' - the 'page size' then becomes either 1 pixel larger than the next breakpoint size, or the minimum page size set in 'page properties'.
    – therefore the 'fixed width breakpoint' is larger than 'page size'.

    2. However tablets and mobiles, 'bring in' the fixed width breakpoint size (including the added browser canvas width) not just the page size.
    – therefore on tablets and mobiles the active page area is smaller than the display. (see attached image – yellow is the fixed width breakpoint size - white the page size).

    3. So I am trying to achieve a fixed width breakpoint for tablets and mobiles that will allow the page size to be without the browser canvas size interfering.
    Why? because when a tablet or mobile device displays the page, it includes not only the page width, but also the browser canvas width set by the breakpoint as well, therefore making the page width smaller. When displaying a page on a tablet, for example in portrait position, the display shows the 768 fixed breakpoint but the actual page size is smaller, because part of the 768 width is taken up by the addition of a browser canvas.

    ( Yes ....if (a) I make the BP fluid – but do not wish to due to complexity of elements or (b) create another fixed width BP 25px less, but then this creates a lot of extra BP's.....(C) go back to alternate layout.. then i can get around this).

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