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Discussion in 'Templates' started by britta, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. britta

    britta Active Member

    Most of the content is anchored on the home page, but there is 1 subpage page you can access by clicking "More" under Featured Stories. BUT on that second page, the top menu is not active. So how does one select another page, like "About" at that point? Is it supposed to go back to the home page and jump down to About? Is that weird?
  2. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    I am not sure did I understand right but you can use "Hyperlinks" feature.
    - Activate "More" text or button on the Home Page and link it to "About" page by using "Hyperlinks".
    - Make "Home" text or button on the "About" page and link it to "Home" page by using "Hyperlinks". :)
  3. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Britta, to expound on what Jeremei has said, the second page in this particular template is used to show your options of adding secondary pages even though this template is basically a long one page scrolling site.
    For this reason, the menu(s) on both pages have been set to manual. On the main page, to link to anchors so that your viewers can use a typical muse style nav, even though it's strictly scrolling them rather than taking them to another page.
    On the secondary page, you can link it back to the main page and go directly to each link, and if you want to add a 'Home' button, you can link to it by setting the link to Desktop Top (it's already linked that way using the logo).
    Look at my screen shot and that will show you a visual rep of what Jeremei was saying.

  4. britta

    britta Active Member

    Makes sense, thank you for your time.

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