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    I’m just building a site using the EVENTBRITE-Widget in a FESTIVAL-STACK. One thing the Tutorial doesn’t mention is how to deal with different lightbox-sizes for different breakpoints.

    This screenshot shows the sequence about entering the lightbox-size:

    We’re probably on the lowest or highest breakpoint. But let’s say we’re on the highest, just like in the tutorial.

    And let’s say I enter a lightbox-width of 500 px for everything above the 1200 px-breakpoint.

    What about the smaller widths layouts, then?…

    a 500 px wide lightbox would still suit associated with a 960 px breakpoint, but not more with a 320 px-breakpoint. So, is there any adaptation-issue meant to be solved automatically by the widget? (if so, what’s the rule applied to the width and height)

    Or are we supposed to enter new dimensions for each breakpoint? (in other words, it would mean that the lightbox-width and lightbox-height settings behave breakpoint-specific, but are supposed to be entered into the same field, while just selecting different breakpoints after another).

    I’m not really sure what’s correct.

    Any hints would be much appreciated :)


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