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Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by Scott, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Scott

    Scott Member

    MuseThemes Widgets:
    before/after image slider
    animated image rollovers

    This is the biggest site to date, I have built in Muse 44 pages and not an issue. This site showed me the power of Muse, great widgets (MuseThemes) and that the only limitation is your creativity. The most painful part was creating the vehicle light animations.

    Please give your feedback as I finalize the site.



  2. Norman Durkee

    Norman Durkee Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hey @Scott , I haven't delved to deep into the site but I can say from what Ive seen on the first page its very nicely layed out. And one thing that I can appreciate about this site is the quality of the photo's you used im assuming there stock? And not only the quality but they all share the same look and feel, its not like you just grabbed random pics of cop cars and fire trucks off google lol, that goes along way to keeping that professional look and feel on the site! Also just a side note, that was a nice touch with the red and blue lights on the top, it actually had me a little paranoid for a second lol. Very nicely done!
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  3. BryanBlackford

    BryanBlackford New Member

    Great work @Scott

    It's really inspirational to see how you used the Animated Image Rollover widget!

  4. Mike Valkanet

    Mike Valkanet Well-Known Member

    Nice job. Looks very professional, modern, and easy to read. I was viewing the mobile site.

    1. Phone numbers should have the link properties changed to reflect the colors of the website. (Don't bother with Hover state, just use Mouse Down on mobile)

    2. Phone numbers & email on contact weren't click to call. Make the link "tel:+18005554444" & "mailto:info@domainname.com"

    3. I never got to see the animation on my phone. I've been adding animations to all my home pages, desktop & mobile, and sometimes even animating the logo and it my customers really like it. I swear it makes them easier to deal with.

    4. On INSTALLATION page the mobile menu pushes down some of the content just a little bit. Not sure if that is intentional.

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