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Discussion in 'Beta Testing' started by Brandon, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    [NOTE: This widget has been released. Download the official version here]

    Hello All,

    Very cool new widget here. This one's based on a system that could be a game-changer in Muse. This Sidebar Nav widget works similarly to our existing Sidebar Off-Canvas Menu widget, but this version allows for smart dynamic changes to be made to any menu item from any web browser, outside of Muse. This is great for customers who need to make changes post-build. Our widget uses a system familiar to many people: CSV files. By editing a simple CSV spreadsheet file, text and icon changes are possible offline, or online using Google Sheets. DEMO

    >>Download Beta

    >>CSV Template for Google Sheets (web-based)

    Setup Instructions:
    • Download beta package and extract the .zip file. You will find a Muse library file, along with a .csv menu template file.
    • Drop the widget into Muse Design mode
    • Open the widget option panel and choose a CSV File Type:
      • Local File - This option uses a CSV file to control menu elements: text, ordering, icons, etc. CSV files can be edited using any spreadsheet editor such as Excel, Numbers, and Google's Sheets web app. The CSV file included in the beta package is a template that can be updated however you like.
      • Google Spreadsheet - Using Google's Sheets web app, you can update your Sidebar menu in realtime. Click the link above to go to our Google Sheets web-based template (the web version is identical to the .csv file in the beta package). See details below for editing the web-based template.
    • Once you load a local .csv file or enter your Google Spreadsheet key, your Sidebar Menu will be functional. You can now preview in browser to check functionality.
    I won't run over every function in the widget option panel. There are a lot of options. We were sure to include all of the features of the original Sidebar Menu, such as logo images and transitions.

    Editing the web-based Google Spreadsheet template (see attached screenshots for reference):
    • You will need a Google account and access to the free Sheets web app.
    • Follow the link above to view the template in Sheets
    • The template is view-only and cannot be edited as-is. Make a copy of the template: File>Make A Copy
    • Name the new copy
    • The new copy can now be edited
    • When ready, you will need to publish the spreadsheet in order to use it with Sidebar Menu: File>Publish to the web...
    • Click the "Web Page" dropdown and select comma-separated values (.csv)
    • Click "Publish"
    • Copy the long set of random characters in the browser's URL field, or in the link shown in the Publish To Web pop-up.
    • Paste this Google Spreadsheet Key into the Sidebar Menu option panel in Muse


    • Once you've published your Google Spreadsheet, ANY change made to the spreadsheet will be updated on your website. This is handy and quick, though you will want to be careful to make sure that your changes are exactly what you want.
    • The data within the CSV file is very particular. For example:
      • Spaces are not supported supported in entries aside from the "text" column
      • Only numbers are allowed in the menu_id column (letters will not work)
      • Do not create empty rows
    • Our widget uses FontAwesome icons. Icons can be added via the CSV file by entering the icon ID in the menu_icon column. Head to http://fontawesome.io/icons/ to get the icon ID's for your fonts.

    Please let us know what you think!



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  2. julias

    julias New Member

    Hi Brandon, when I tried to download the beta, i got an error message. I logged in and out of my account, it didn't do the trick either. is the beta file still available?
  3. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hi @julias

    Apologies. We're working on resolving the download issue. And yes, the beta is still open.

  4. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    Yeah its still not working...
  5. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Jesse - we are pushing this widget live on the site in just a few mins! You can download right from the main widgets section in just a little bit (beta was solid and it was just too damn cool to wait any longer).

  6. DerekH

    DerekH New Member

    Glad to see the use of Google Spreadsheets coming to the widgets ... I have been using Muse with tabletop.js and handelbars.js for the last few years in news projects and see a lot of potential with it ... Hope to see some other CMS-like features with this ... (filterable tables) ...
  7. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Derek - thanks for the comments. Sounds like you're way ahead of us, we're late to the party!

    Our widget next week will push the CSV approach much further and introduce a couple new concepts we're still refining. Hopefully demo coming asap...

  8. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group


    Please let us know if you've got any more widget ideas beside the Tables idea!

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