Do you think this can be done??

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by belordmedia, Mar 26, 2018.

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    A client has asked me to create the following.

    An online Cheese & Wine shop with about 500 products.
    I set it up using Muse + Shopify. Everything works fine but. It was rejected by the client because of the similarity to other online stores.. mmm

    My client wants instead high quality photos of lets say 50 products(Could be all the white wines) set up on a stand/shelves instead of individual products then the customer will be able to zoom on single products within the pic (see pics with red box as an exemple) and with a clickable area within the products, the client will be able to add the products to the basket.

    The only way I can think off is chopping the pics in photoshop, reorder them in a gallery in muse and then, using single Paypal btn for each products. Sound like a nightmare to me but the customer is always right

    Maybe someone may have an idea??




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