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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Richard Stellar, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Richard Stellar

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    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie. I created a proof-of-concept website / social media platform in Muse. It's a bit wonky, but my client got the picture. Approved! Now I want to do the final site in Muse. Maybe it should be done in Wordpress, but I'm not a fan. Can any esteemed experts maybe steer me in the right direction where I can put together a site that is basically a portal to news, games and entertainment content - all themed for a specific quasi-religious demographic? Thanks in advance.

    Here's the proof of concept done in Muse:
  2. Richard Stellar

    Richard Stellar Member

    Epic fail on specificity - I'm looking for Muse examples of this type of site, advice and maybe links to cool tips, tricks and Muse widgets that would enable me to build a final working website with possibly an admin section that allows easy content additions and updating.
  3. DjHerold

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    Richard, I suggest looking at our Article Connect widget.
    It can easily create that style look, and allows you the ability to edit your content locally or remotely.
    There is more information and a video on this page.
    Hope this helps

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