Can we get a detailed tutorial for dynamic slider?

Discussion in 'Dynamic Slide' started by BMan, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. BMan

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    I'm really struggling to get this widget to do what I want. It seems that anytime I change an animation duration it has weird consequences, the numbers don't have any rhyme or reason to it.

    EX: I double the animation length and the time doesn't really change, but the image will "bounce" now from zooming in.

    Can we get a detailed list of what each option does, how to control the time each frame is shown, ect?

    The text animations also do not present themselves according the the time I input in my settings. This is very frustrating.
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  3. jkatz

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    I'd like to echo BMan's request in seeking a little more user guidance for Dynamic Slider widget.
    • Working on slideshow and doing my best at interpreting how the controls work and adding new slides, overall usability.
    • ALSO, how to change size of Slide show — seems to fit to width.
    Even a Quick Start would be welcomed. Thanks!
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