Can this be done in Muse?

Discussion in 'Templates' started by belordmedia, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. belordmedia

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    Hello again

    Not sure if this legal to ask but, here we go...
    I want to recreate the feel and look of this web site
    Animating various objects is no problem.
    I am assuming that they have used some kind of full width Gallery as the dots pinned on the right are giving you some kind of simple navigation. This is what I really want to achieve.

    A standard gallery has the pictures stacked on top of each other (like Cinch).
    Is there a way to drag each picture (or in that case a color fill) down to lets say one at the Y of 1000, second one at Y of 2000 etc... with autoplay off, that might give me a similar look?
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  3. belordmedia

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    Hello Jeremel,
    Sorted and spot on. Great widget too.

    A big big thank you from me.


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