Can I Use Muse for a High-Content Site Without a CMS?

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Paul Maxwell, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Paul Maxwell

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    I'm currently building a site that will have three pieces of new content per week. The strength of Muse is that it can stylize this content in unique and beautiful ways. However, most Muse CMS options for "blogging" require plain text, and have very minimal customization.

    I've come to realize that the RSS aspect of the blog isn't really that important (therefore, what's really the use of a CMS?). I'm more interested in creating a library of resources than creating a "log" of content — the "log" is helpful for UX, but not essential. So, I have several questions. How do I create the following things in a Muse website, in order of priority:

    (1) A contributors page that is linked to the author of each individual article (without manually updating the contributor page each time and, ideally, where you could click on the author name and see a list of their articles).
    (2) A "Latest Posts" display for most recently published content.
    (3) Add "CATEGORIES" and "TAGS" to each post.
    (4) Add three pieces of content per week without a cluttered sitemap.

    I know I could do all of this manually, which would require I update all affected pages every time I post a new piece of content. But I'm looking for something automated that doesn't require me to use an entire CMS (Which is rigid and undermines the whole purpose of using Muse).

    Thanks for the help — I love this site and its creations.

    PS — Not looking to debate about CMS — I don't want CMS suggestions. Only interested in ways to accomplish the above 4 things without a CMS.
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    It would be great if this kind of feature would be an essential part of Muse but I am afraid that it is not possible at the moment in the way you want it. If someone knows how to create this feature described by Paul so I would like to know it, too! :rolleyes:
  3. Jeremei

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