Breakpoint problem in Stacks.

Discussion in 'Stacks' started by smarty33, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Trying to use Stacks base as a starting point for a website makeover. I find it a little finicky, but the biggest problem is something I can't figure out and am wasting a LOT of time on it. Hoping someone has experienced this before.

    It's hard to explain so I made a quick video of the situation here >

    I have placed footer content in all the break breakpoints and adjusted appropriately. It displays well in design mode when sliding to different breakpoints - as illustrated. However, once I get to preview the footer jumps out of place, only to return in the 320 breakpoint. Same issue when I preview in browser. There is no other content on the page. I have tried removing the breakpoints, changing the positioning...

    nothing helps!

    I hope someone here can.

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