As a print designer, I'm not liking responsive builds....

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Neil Fellows, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Neil Fellows

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    Maybe its just me, but lately I'm seeing a lot of new responsive sites that, typography wise, look awful at certain screen sizes. This has driven me to virtually ignore the responsive options within Muse and focus on creating a page using common breakpoints first.

    Yes, I know that's the wrong way round and breakpoints should only be used where your design 'breaks' but its the only way I can ensure the end user gets to experience the site EXACTLY how I intended. For example, the God awful way in which words get split across paragraphs makes me cringe. Even Adobe's 'Pigeon' example looks terrible on some devices.

    Maybe I'm a control freak or maybe I'm not using the responsive tools properly (most likely) but as a traditional print designer, this really bugs me.
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    I think that many designers may agree with you. But don´t worry Neil! It does not take very long time when a special software will be published and it will set all content with chosen widgets automatically exactly to right breakpoints with right dimensions without your effort and without mistakes. You need to create a site in one breakpoint and after that you choose other breakpoints in panel and the "Robo-app" will take care of the rest. This situation can be closer than we can even imagine. Of course this is only my little quess! Cheers!
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