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Discussion in 'Templates' started by Skylyn, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Skylyn

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    I'm fairly new to Muse and Muse themes, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Anyway, I'm using the Artisan template and I want to swap out (obviously) the SVG assets for my own images. When I do this, I'm replacing with a JPG and it is changing every single photo in the template to that image. Why are these called background images, why are they SVG (do my images need to be saved as SVG), and why is my placed JPG blurry when I sized it correctly in Photoshop? What the heck am I doing wrong??
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    Skylyn, welcome and don't worry whatever your questions might be, we don't judge (much).
    Our designers use a lot of different ways to layout templates, and are always trying new stuff, especially when it comes to working with the 'Responsive' beast.
    As with everything in Muse, there are multiple ways to do a task. For the moment I'm going to assume you used the asset panel (right click>re-link?). >>Mainly because you stated "it is changing every single photo in the template to that image".
    This method replaces all instances of that particular image with the one you choose to put in it's spot. If you choose to change images in this fashion, I always recommend you first choose (right click) 'Go to Asset use'. This will show you where all the instances of that image is located in your site, and also show you that changing one will also change it in every location where there is that assets 'Use'.
    There are also a lot of ways to place images, I won't go into that (you can find that info easily) but if you'll notice when you select one of the images in the template, in the upper left corner of Muse it says 'text frame'. This was the choice for this template (to place images inside of a text frame). As with all placed images you can right click on a selected image (or image frame) and choose 'Replace image'. This will replace just that image.
    Another way is to select the image frame and go to the 'Fill' area at the top of muse and add the image that way. I like this method because it also allows me to adjust the image location and method of fill in the frame. Different methods for different looks and functions.
    To your question about SVG vs Jpg. This is a design choice. An Svg when possible, will always be crisp and clear no matter the screen resolution, but may be a file size issue for you. It's also less used for images.
    Jpg, the ol' stand by works great, but you may suffer some image quality in larger devices or hipdi devices.
    I've always had good luck when I need a Jpg, to adjust the image for each and every situation, sometimes it means much more work, but creating a site is work as it is. It's all a matter of designing and checking, what works for you may not for someone else.
    I hope this helps
  3. Skylyn

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    Wow, thank you for the very fast response!! Ok, the image changing everywhere is making sense now that you said it...just like in other Adobe programs, when you update a link...anything with the same name changes it throughout. As far as the "background", is that just similar to it being on a layer, I noticed the logo I placed is on "home".

    Thank you and also for not judging too much :)

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