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Discussion in 'Templates' started by Dutchybert, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Dutchybert

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    Good afternoon every one,

    I am using the Artisan template. In the menu it shows all the submenus But as soon as I change the widt into 550 or 320 px and the pop up menu appears it does not show the submenus.

    Is it possible to change this or amend this so on a smartphone all the options are visible, not only the few "main" pages?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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  2. DjHerold

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    Dutchy, the reason this happens is the two menu'2 are different widgets. The desktop version is a stock Muse menu, with drop downs.
    The mobile menu is a composition widget, with no drop downs.
    You could re do the composition widget to have what in essence would be , a composition widget inside a composition widget.
    Basically your hamburger icon is your trigger of the first composition, and in the target area you place a second set of triggers (your menu items), that show the sub pages in the secondary target area.
    Although workable, things may start to get a bit small in Mobile devices.
  3. Dutchybert

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    Hi DJ,

    thank you for your answer. I already expected something like this. I did a you suggested and strated with a second set, but as you said it is too much on a smartphone.
    Will add links to the subject on the pages, to direct the phone users to the sub pages.

    Thanks again

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