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    Greetings All!

    I decided to sit down and dedicate today to learning how to use Article Connect as it will be a very useful and powerful widget for many projects, however, I am running into a few snags that I am hoping someone might be able to assist me with.

    When I use the Google Doc to create my article, I insert an image at the top of the article and I resize it to the size I want. I then enter the text of my article. Some text I format with centering or bolding and italicization.

    When I view that article on the web, the image I resized is now huge (its original size before I resized it in the document) and any text formatting is missing. No bold, italicized or centered text.

    Is there something I am doing incorrectly or is this just something that Article Connect is not capable of? (retrieving formatting of text and re-sizing of images in the Google Doc)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Jeff, I recommend placing a support ticket on this (resources>contact us), unless someone else here has your answer.
    They should have a better grasp on the different ways to get what you're looking for.
    I was able to get your formatting look (close) using the html editor, but was having some trouble getting the Bold to stick.

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