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    A few formatting questions I can’t seem to solve with Article Connect:

    [I am using Google Docs to serve my articles through the widget]
    [See set up at]
    1. The presets include font weight options for both the title and the subtitle, but no the body text. Is there anyway to define this? By default, the preset is pulling in to heavy a weight (300) for my article body copy that does not equal the body copy used throughout my website (100). See Yellow Highlights in attached screenshot. Any way to control this?
    2. A few of my articles include links that I’m establishing in Google Docs. When viewing the link within the article, the hover state appears to be a subtle transparency of the current color, but I can’t find where this is being controlled. I’d prefer the link to be a different color altogether, consistent with my links on the website. Any way to control this?
    3. I’m having trouble with the hover state of the Read More button. The appropriate text color appears but the button styling is not. My intent is for the normal state to be a blue button with white text and the hover state to be a white (or transparent) button, with blue border and blue text. See Blue Highlights in attached screen shot.
    4. Lastly, the last video sequence shows how to add a search bar. But this isn’t available in the .mulib I uploaded for BetaV4. How do I add a search bar?

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