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Anchors With Panels - Redux

Discussion in 'Presentation Panels' started by Devin, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Devin

    Devin Member

    Hi -

    I saw someone else post this same type of question, but it doesn't look like anything came of it.

    I was wondering if it's possible to use anchors within the presentation panels widget. For example, if I had a text link in panel 1 when clicked it would go to panel 2. I tried this out and I didn't get it to work. I ensured that the anchor was within the button state, etc. but to no avail.

    Can you confirm if this is achievable? If not, are there some alternatives you can recommend?
  2. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    I managed to do the function what you described. I turned off "Enable Auto Scroll" in Presentations Panel - Controller. So text can be linked by using anchor with a certain panel in Presentation Panels widget. I used rectangles as presentation panels but the effect was the same as with state buttons.
  3. Devin

    Devin Member

    Hmmm... I'm using horizontal scrolling on my panels, so that option is greyed out for me.

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