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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Matthias Gengenbach, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Matthias Gengenbach

    Matthias Gengenbach Active Member

    Dear community,

    I'm currently working on a small page where I also want to insert some Amazon affiliate links. Amazon has a homepage where they provide certain widgets via HTML code. However, when I insert these links into Muse as HTML objects, I almost always see a "missing plugin" message - and the widget doesn't work at all. Basically I just need some pictures and price informations on my page (but I don't wanna update those manually all the time...). Does anyone know how to realize this?

    Thanks & best regards

  2. Matthias Gengenbach

    Matthias Gengenbach Active Member

    And just to add something - since affiliate sites are booming more and more, I definitely think an amazon widget could also be a rocket seller on MuseThemes. Do you think this could be a possible option in the near future? :) Thanks!
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  3. Paul Maxwell

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  4. DjHerold

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    Guys, we have logged this into our "User Wish List".
    Thank you for the suggestion.

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