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Altuit Designed Websites

Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by Chipp Walters, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Chipp Walters

    Chipp Walters Well-Known Member

    Hey Gang,

    Recently finished a couple of MUSE-THEMED websites:




    For those interested, both sites are fixed width 2-breakpoint sites with a alternate phone layout. After much trial and error, this is the fastest client iteration development cycle for me. For more information on this strategy you can visit:

    A Responsive Strategy for Muse CC2015
  2. Mike Valkanet

    Mike Valkanet Well-Known Member

    They both look really good.

    Lakepoint station home page has a line from the background image in the center of the page by the Blacklight Odyssey & Mini Golf.
    I've learned not to piece together a left and right image to achieve the look you were doing there. Just make it an image that is full screen.

    What's your personal website?
  3. Chipp Walters

    Chipp Walters Well-Known Member

    That's a good tip. Thanks!
    No personal website. blog.chipp.com is an older website as is www.chipp.com

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